3 Simple Ways That You Can Introduce Music to a Child

Does introducing music to your children feel like another “thing” on the never ending list of "to dos with kids"? One more elective on a long list of things to fit in... one more way to try to culture them...

The good news is, It actually doesn’t have to be like that!

Introducing your kids to music can be simple, fun and not complicated. Even if you have no musical experience, you are NOT disqualified from learning to love music with your child. The love of music is something that can be learned anytime in your life.


Here are 3 simple ways you can bring music into your home:

Listen to good music at mealtimes.

Turn off the television for 30 minutes and turn some inspiring-to-you music instead. Whatever it may be, whether worship music, peaceful instrumental or children’s music, it always tends to set the mood in a positive way at mealtime.

Gathering around the table to share a meal is the perfect time to engage together as a family, talk about the day or even the music that you’re hearing!

In our family, each child gets a night of the week where they get to choose their favourite playlist to listen to at dinner time. It keeps them involved and keep their own stash of “favourites” in their hearts.


Attend live performances and/or watch performances online.

Attending concerts with your children is a sure way of having them see, feel and hear the real deal!

If performances are not an option then opt to watch or stream a performance on TV or online. There are so many great options; from children’s performances, to symphony concerts and musical artists of all kinds.

Instead of your child watching their favourite show one day, try swapping it out for a musical performance. You may be surprised just how much they’ll enjoy it!

(Stay tuned for more resources on this subject coming soon!)


Sing songs together.

You may not be the best singer in the world, it's ok. Most of us aren’t :)

You also don’t have to make all your kids stand in a row and sing in 4 part harmony. That will rarely go well in the early years!

No, I'm here to tell you that singing at home should be relaxing, fun and joy filled!

Sing while doing chores together; there’s a good chance it’ll interrupt the bickering and whining and turn it into something enjoyable.

Sing in the car, sing before bed or sing along to the radio.

Years down the road, memories of experiences together can be recalled through songs. This is a sure way to help develop a love for music.


Each of these ways take a little effort (mostly to remember to actually do it!), but would you try one of these ways of incorporating music into your home this week and see what happens? You might find that you've jumpstarted a meaningful new routine for your family!

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