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If you're interested in our music curriculum but not sure where to start, these free resources are a great place to begin!


FREE Sampling of our Handel's Messiah: An Interactive Listening Guide

Get a glimpse of the rich scriptural text and musical elements of the famous oratorio, Handel's Messiah, in this sampling of our interactive listening guide.

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50 Ways to Make Music More Fun! (Free Printable)

I'm always looking for simple ways to make music more fun for my children, and me! If you're like me, sometimes all you need is a simple IDEA to get you started.

I've compiled the following list of 50 ways to make music more fun. Take a few of these ideas and try them out on your children today and watch, I bet you they'll be coming back for more!

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Bach Composer Study BUNDLE! (Free Comprehensive Video & Workbook Lesson)

Are you looking to add more composer studies into your homeschool or classroom? This free lesson is the first lesson in my unit "Conversations With Composers" and it is all about the life and music of J.S Bach!

This lesson is a fun, interactive, hands-on way to introduce your children to marvelous composers who contributed great musical works to this world!

This freebie includes the Bach lesson workbook freebie PLUS the video lesson!

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The Carnival of the Animals (Free Active Listening Activity)

Download a FREE active listening activity to accompany “The Carnival of the Animals”!


A Musical Landscape (Free Lesson)

Music is such an important part of your child's education. This free sample lesson will ignite a curiosity and love for music in a unique and fresh way!

In it you'll find two different activities designed for children ages 4-8 and 8-12, as well as taking a closer look at 3 popular instruments; the piano, violin and the piano.

Join me while we watch inspiring performances by 'The Piano Guys', '40 Fingers', and 'Joshua Bell.' Your child will also get to meet George and the orchestra and experience all the different instrument families there are.

Plus, inside this lesson you will be given some musical book suggestions and of course, some beautiful listening suggestions as well! 

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Name That Tune Christmas Carol Game (FREE Printable)

For a bit of FREE seasonal fun watch your family put their heads together to figure out what tune goes with what phrase!

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Step Into Singing Vocal Training Course (FREE Sample Lesson)

Step Into Singing is a 12 lesson beginner vocal training unit for children of all ages. This easy to follow course teaches children how to explore and use their voices properly but in a fun and interactive way. We start with the basics of how to breathe while singing and eventually learn more advanced themes including learning songs in different languages and singing on solfege. There is something for every age!

Download a sample lesson from Step Into Singing here:


Step Into Strings Violin Course (FREE Sample Lesson)

Step Into Strings is a six week, do-it-yourself course designed to “whet” your child’s appetite for the violin. The course will allow you to test out whether your child has the ability to dedicate themselves to the skills a violin player needs to succeed.

Download a sample lesson from Step Into Strings here:


Violin Printable Poster (FREE Digital Art Print!)

This simple and beautifully designed poster is the perfect addition to a music classroom studying about the violin, string instruments or the orchestra. It is also the perfect preparation for a student looking to start playing the violin with 'Step into Strings.'

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Weekly Practice Chart (FREE Printable)

I've created a FREE printable Weekly Practice Chart, with tips and encouragement, so you can help your children to practice their instruments SMARTER, not harder! Check out my top 3 tips and download the FREE printable Weekly Practice Chart here: