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How long are your lessons?

Our lessons are designed to take anywhere from 20-40 minutes, depending on how many of the activities you choose to do. Each lesson has interactive links to either watch a clip of a performance or an instrument demonstration, as well as hands on activities for two different age groups, listening suggestions, book suggestions and some optional extension activities. You can decide how much time you have in your day and fit the lesson in accordingly.


What ages are these lessons for?

I know that learning with multiple ages in a family is sometimes the easiest option as a family! I’ve designed the lessons that everyone participates in the preliminary reading, listening and watching and then at the activity time they split into different categories.

The Younger Learners activity is designed for ages 4-8 and the Older Learners activity is designed for ages 8-12.


Is it all based on Classical Music or are other genres of music included?

Although I am a classically trained musician, I have a HUGE love for other genres! I have incorporated different genres, artists and styles into my units and think that learning about them all is beneficial to becoming a musician and someone who appreciates music.


What materials are needed alongside your curriculum?

You will always need a listening platform such as Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube. You will also want to have a device such as a phone, tablet, iPad or laptop handy to view the suggested video clips. These videos are a huge part of learning about music!

At the beginning of each lesson I’ve also noted any household materials you'll need for the specific lesson. If you can, look ahead to see what materials are needed so that you are prepared!


Do I have to do the lessons in order?

By all means no! You decide what lesson interests you and your students that day. There is no special order to the lessons so the choice is yours!


Can I just buy one lesson at a time?

Yes! You can purchase individual lessons from our curriculum units here.


Is this curriculum Christian or secular?

Music has no boundaries in who can enjoy it, partake in it and learn about it. I personally am a Christian who sees music as a gift God has given us. While I occasionally do reference God in the curriculum, it is brief and isn't the focus.


Do you take Canadian PO numbers?

We currently accept PO’s from:

Heritage Christian Online School

*more coming soon*

If your school is not on this list, contact us with your school name and email. We will connect with your school and let you know whether we can arrange it!


What is the difference between DIGITAL and PRINT?

The digital copies of My Homegrown Symphony units are designed for you to use on your own device. From there, you will have the ability to press the video hyperlinks and it takes you directly to the videos or QR codes.

If you have the PRINT copy of My Homegrown Symphony units you will have to take your camera on your phone and use the QR code on your pages to link to the videos and demonstrations. The Listening Suggestions will have to be typed in manually into your favourite streaming platform.


Can I forward my DIGITAL copy to a friend or photocopy my PRINT copy for my neighbour to use?

We appreciate you telling your friends and neighbours about My Homegrown Symphony, but ask that each household purchase their own copy of the curriculum. As a new small business, we rely on every single order to help us grow our business, so we can continue to bring you high quality educational resources!

Within a household you may photocopy any of the resources and worksheets in the appendix for your own family’s use.

Sharing our FREE sample lesson is encouraged!


I ordered PRINT copies of a unit. When will they ship?

Most orders will ship within 1-2 business days.


What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds on DIGITAL copies or on PRINT copies bought with PO numbers. If you are not happy with your PRINT copy of a unit, you have 30 days to return for a full refund. Note: you are responsible to pay any associated shipping fees.


My computer crashed and I lost my downloads. Can I get them again?

Yes of course! We’d be happy to send you another digital version. Just contact us with the name and email address you used to order.


Why are your prices in USD?

We sell throughout North America so our prices are set at US rates and Canadian pricing fluctuates based on the current exchange rate.


What are your shipping rates?

Currently, we offer flat rate shipping within Canada ($6.50 USD) and in the U.S. ($12 USD).

We also offer FREE LOCAL PICKUP if you are in the Lower Mainland, BC area.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes we can. Currently, we ship within Canada and in the U.S. through our website. If you are outside of North America, contact us directly for a shipping quote.