A Musical Book List For Your Family!

You and I both know that books are a huge part of learning a subject!  I think this is ever true, too, when it comes to music!  
When a child reads a living book about J.S Bach in a beautiful, descriptive way, they naturally want to learn more about him.  Next, they want to listen to the music he composed, while shortly thereafter they start to dream of playing the piano like him…..you know how it goes!
There are many, many book lists out there, but I've hardly seen a comprehensive list of musical picture books!  So I've created one for you!
I've categorized this downloadable book list into a few categories:
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General Music Books
  • Max Found Two Sticks - Brian Pinkney
  • Tabby McTat - Julia Donaldson
  • This Jazz Man - Karen Ehrhardt
  • The Story Orchestra Books - Jessica Courtney-Tickle
  • Bea in The Nutcracker - Rachel Isadora
  • The Carnival Of The Animals - Jack Prelutsky
  • The Kugel Valley Klezmer Band - Joan Stauchner
  • Barn Dance - Bill Martin Jr.
  • Passing The Music Down - Sarah Sullivan
  • Henry the Steinway and the Piano Recital - Sally Coveleskie
  • Olivia Forms A Band - Ian Falconer
  • Music Is For Everyone - Jill Barber
  • Because - Mo Willems Lentil - Robert McCloskey
  • Moses Goes To A Concert - Isaac Millman
Books About Instruments
  • Opening Night With The Woodwind Family - Trisha Shaskan
  • Itzhak - A Boy Who Loved The Violin - Tracy Newman
  • The Dance of the Violin - Kathy Stinson
  • Drum Dream Girl - Margarita Engle
  • Ben's Trumpet - Rachel Isadora
  • The Man with the Violin - Kathy Stinson
  • I Know A Shy Fellow Who Swallowed A Cello - Barbara Garriel
  • Playing At The Border (A Story of Yo-Yo-Ma) - Johanna Ho
  • The Oboe Goes Boom Boom Boom - Colleen AF Venable
  • The Piano Recital - Akiko Miyakoshi
  • The Bear and the Piano - David Litchfield
  • Ada's Violin - Susan Hood
  • The Magic Violin - Mayra Calvani
  • A Violin For Elva - Mary Lyn Ray
  • Wild Symphony - Dan Brown
  • Family Dynamics - Courtney Woodward
  • Lazo Learns Recorder - Vicky Weber
  • 88 Instruments - Chris Barton
  • Zin Zin Zin, A Violin! - Lloyd Moss
  • A Child's Introduction To The Orchestra - Robert Levine
Books About Theory
  • Pick a Sound & Play - Jodi Marie Fisher
  • Clap Once - Jodi Marie Fisher
  • Here Come The High Notes - Marin Marka
  • Look Out For Low Notes - Marin Marka
  • The First Notes (The Story of Do, Re, Mi) - Julie Andrews
  • The Note Who Faced Music - Lindsay Bonilla
  • Forte Moves To Town - Vicky Weber
  • When Step Met Skip - Vicky Weber
  • Tiger Tempo - Vicky Weber
Books About Composers
  • George Frederic Handel - Mildred Clary
  • Young Mozart - Rachel Isadora
  • Becoming Bach - Tom Leonard
  • The Music In George's Head - Suzanne Slade
  • The 39 Apartments of Ludwig van Beethoven - Jonah Winter
  • I Am Mozart, Too - Audrey Ades
  • King Of Ragtime - Stephen Costanza
  • The ABC's of Women In Music - Anneli Loepp Thiessen
  • Composer Series - Michael Venezia
  • Hildegard of Bingen - Demi
  • I, Vivaldi - Janice Shefelman
  • Duke Ellington "Nutcracker Suite" - Anna Celenza
  • Beethoven Lives Upstairs - Barbara Nichol
  • The Extraordinary Music of Mr. Ives - Joanne Stanbridge
  • The Piano Prince and his Orchestra - Andrea Pinkney
  • Secret Lives Of Great Composers - Elizabeth Lunday
  • Sebastian (A Book About Bach) - Jeanette Winter
  • The Other Mozart - Hugh Brewster
  • Why Beethoven Threw Stew - Steven Isserlis
  • Duke Ellington - Stephanie Crease
  • That's My Piano, Sir - Ana Gerhard
Christmas Music Picture Books 
  • Hallelujah Handel - Douglas Cowling
  • Woodland Christmas - Frances Tyrrell
  • Christmas Carols For A Kid's Heart - Bobbie Wolgemuth
  • Christina's Carol - Tomie de Paola
  • Duke Ellington "Nutcracker Suite" - Anna Celenza
  • Bea in The Nutcracker - Rachel Isadora
  • The Story Orchestra: Nutcracker - Jessica Courtney-Tickle
  • Silent Night - Brigitte Weninger
  • The Little Drummer Boy - Bernadette Watts
  • Book Of Christmas Carols - Tomie de Paola
  • The Friendly Beasts - Tomie de Paola
  • The Little Bell That Wouldn't Ring - Heike Conradi
  • An Advent Carols Countdown - Michael D. Young

I hope you'll snag this free download, and keep it in your files to return to over and over again throughout the year.  Many of these titles are easily found in your local library, so stock up and start inspiring your children, musically, through these amazing books!


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