FAQ’s About Our STEP INTO SINGING - A Beginner Vocal Training Course

  1. What ages is this course designed for?


      Step Into Singing is suitable for all ages but geared towards 5-13 year olds. 


  1. How many lessons are in this course and how long is each one?


      There are 12 lessons in this course and each one is approximately 20 - 30 minutes long. I've divided each lesson into 3 sections: teaching time, warm ups and singing.  You can shorten or lengthen the lessons as needed and do them in sections. The course also includes more than 4 HOURS of training videos!


  1. What kind of music will they learn?


     Singers will learn a variety of songs such as “Happy Birthday," more difficult ones in other languages including “Jubilate Deo” and “Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht," child friendly songs like “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt” and everything in between!


  1. Will Solfege be taught?


      Yes, there will be one lesson dedicated to teaching the preliminary principles of Solfege. While we won't go into great depth, singers will be able to sing the syllables, show hand signs and do some simple reading on a musical staff. 


  1. Does it consist of just reading?


      No!  Singing is interactive so naturally the course is filled with some informational reading about the topic, interactive video tutorials, warm ups, reading music, learning choreography, using our whole bodies to engage our voice, fun videos that branch off to more musical themes and so much more!


  1. What main techniques will kids learn?


    Here are the topics students will cover in STEP INTO SINGING:

  1. Singing Is Fun
  2. Breathing
  3. Tension While Singing
  4. High Notes & Low Notes
  5. Short Notes & Long Notes
  6. Singing In Rounds
  7. Movement in Song
  8. Singing In Different Languages
  9. A Solfege Introduction
  10. Singing with Different Dynamics
  11. What is Diction?
  12. Head Voice vs. Chest Voice

There is also a section committed to learning important musical terms that we cover in the course. 


  1. Will this course be available in both hard copy format and digital?


      YES! STEP INTO SINGING is available in both hard copy and digital formats.


  1. I know nothing about music, will this course be easy to understand?


      Yes!  I have always written my courses to be facilitated by both parents who DO have a musical background as well as parents who DON'T. This course is easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to facilitate!


     9, Can my whole family use it at the same time?


      You bet!  One purchase of this course covers the entire family and it can be done beautifully together! If you plan to teach this course with a group beyond your own family, like a co-op, classroom etc...you can purchase an additional group license as well!


  1. Do I need a device to facilitate the lessons?


     It would be very helpful to have a digital device nearby as you go through the lessons because so much is taught through video. The video portions are not long but your singers will have a much better understanding of how to do the warmups and sing the songs if they are doing it alongside the videos which are linked to the QR codes in the course. 


11. Will my children be able to sing and perform songs on their own by the end of the course?


Yes! The course has printer-friendly music sheets that can be either printed or photocopied. The notation includes the melody, the notes, the lyrics and some simple chords that can be used by pianists, guitar or ukelele players.  It also has pre-recorded piano accompaniment tracks in a variety of vocal ranges that singers can sing along to once they've learned the music in the course. 


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