MESSIAH Listening Guide FAQ's

George Frederic Handel’s Messiah, is an oratorio that tells the story of Christ from the prophecy of His birth all the way through His death and resurrection. It is a piece of music that is so very simple, yet complex at the same time. While our guide is focused on older children it actually is the PERFECT piece of music to study with children of ALL ages. The youngest of children are capable of drawing and expressing what they hear in a musical excerpt and there are even some simpler activities like coloring pages and crossword puzzles for them as well. 

Our older children will identify form, dynamics, instrumentation, learn about the life of our composer, George Frederic Handel, study some history of our piece, and ultimately engage with the music through either a live performance or a virtual full performance of Messiah.

Through this easy to understand guide for middle school and high school students, families and music classrooms alike will open the door to one of the most popular and powerful Christmas Oratorios ever composed.


Here are some FAQ's about the Messiah Interactive Listening Guide:


What age is this listening guide for?

While there may be a few activities for younger learners like crossword puzzles and colouring pages, the majority of the guide is for middle school and high school students. 


Do we have to do the guide in order?

No, the guide is meant for you to work through over time. You can pick the sections you’d like to learn about first and then you’ll want to use the interactive listening guide for a LIVE or virtual performance. 


Are we required to attend a LIVE performance of Messiah to make the guide work?

No, it is not necessary to make the guide work. While attending a LIVE performance alongside the guide is ultimately the best, you absolutely can use a virtual full performance too. I provide links to a few fabulous virtual performances in the workbook that I think will be a great representation of Messiah. 


Can all my students use the same workbook?

Yes, you can purchase one listening guide and use it with the whole family or class. Although, you’ll need to photocopy or print separate pages for separate students. 


Is this a religious music unit?

Yes! There is no way you can study Messiah without meeting Jesus in it. The whole text of Messiah is based on scripture from the King James Version. Feel free to adapt it to your classroom needs but know that the oratorio is based on biblical scripture. 


Is there a sample we can take a look at first to see what is inside?

Yes, you can find a free sample download here.


Here is a table of contents for the Messiah Interactive Listening Guide:


  1. About Messiah
  2. What Is An Oratorio?
  3. About George Frederic Handel
  4. Hallelujah Aural Map
  5. Memory Verse
  6. A Peek At The Music
  7. Names of God Word Study
  8. Instrument Study
  9. Messiah Performance Listening Guide
  10. Draw What You Hear Grid
  11. Messiah Quiz
  12. Crossword Puzzle
  13. Coloring Sheet
  14. Extra Resources
  15. Answer Keys


Find a FREE sample of our MESSIAH Interactive Listening Guide here.


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