Should We Use Technology In Music Education?

Music education is an essential part of any child’s education. Yes, essential! And no, it isn’t just for the privileged. Music is more accessible now to every human more than ever before! Through public school classes, private music classes, online classes, and apps, music is accessible at your fingertips for anyone who desires to learn. Technology has opened up a whole new world of learning opportunities for students, and hopefully through this blogpost, I can explain HOW technology can be used to unlock the power of music in your child’s musical education.


Benefits of Music in a Child

There are many benefits to incorporating music into your child’s life. Music can be used to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity, as well as encourage critical thinking. Music can also be used to help students focus and stay engaged in the learning process. Furthermore, studies have shown that music can improve student’s overall cognitive functioning, including their ability to remember and process information. Who doesn’t want that for their child?!


Why Technology in Music Education?

Technology has revolutionized the way music is taught in the classroom, at home and all over the world. With technology, music teachers, both in the classroom and privately, can now create interactive lessons that engage students and create a learning environment right where the student is at whether it be at home, abroad or in a school setting.

Imagine for a minute the shy student that shrugs away from public music classes. Perhaps they are asked to demonstrate and become socially involved and this dissuades a student from music education. Now, technology can also help students develop their musical skills in a safe setting where they can access a variety of music educational resources, such as online tutorials, lessons and interactive games.  In this situation, technology has helped the child be able to learn in a safe setting where they feel comfortable and can learn to the best of their ability!

Another example: Having come out of a global pandemic where more and more people are urged to stay at home if sick, partaking in music lessons online (whether it be their toddler music group, a band or choir class) when a student is sick has in turn kept up a student’s skills instead of falling behind. What a blessing!


Resources for YOU

Technology has opened up a world of music educational resources for both teachers and students. From online tutorials to interactive games, there are a myriad of resources (both free and paid!) available to help students develop their musical skills. Furthermore, technology has made it easier for teachers to create their own customized lessons and activities, not to mention the ability to now merge music, science, computer skills and math altogether in one lesson!  Come check out the 6 FREE music games I wholeheartedly recommend for students.  You can find my recommendations here.

Picture of piano and graphic that says 6 Free music game sites for kids 

All the benefits!

The use of technology in music education has numerous benefits. For one, it makes it easier for teachers in a public or private school settings to assess student progress and provide personalized instruction. Believe it or not but I have personally seen how technology can help foster an atmosphere of collaboration and creativity, as students can now share their musical creations with others through a variety of ways including recordings, videos, emails, presentations…the list goes on!

When it comes to music education I always look to offer my own children and students a variety. Mixing in formal instrument lessons, band or choir rehearsals, composers studies, and online timed note naming games, is a well rounded music education. Too heavy on one side of the coin can leave a student unbalanced in today's world. 


Are we replacing live music with technology? 

There are a variety of music education technologies available that can help teachers create interactive and engaging lessons. From virtual instruments to interactive whiteboards to creating music with Artificial Intelligance to creating music and art with midi, the skies are the limit when it comes to providing an engaging and immersive learning experience for our children of all ages through technology. 

I’ll be honest, some of the stuff that is coming down the chute almost makes me nervous that there will be no use for real musicians someday! Ok, ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. There will always be a place for live music and I will always be an advocate for real music, real people and real relationships. But at the same time we can’t ignore what amazing things can be done virtually.  Weren’t you glad you were able to watch your daughter’s Christmas concert via livestream while you were sick at home? ;)

 Picture of a concert hall with a live orchestra preparing to perform.

Tips for Incorporating Technology into Music Lessons!

When incorporating technology into music lessons, it is important for teachers and parents to be mindful of the way they use it. Here are some tips for incorporating technology into music lessons:


  1. Make sure technology is used to enhance the lesson, not distract from it.
  2. Encourage students to use technology to create and share their musical creations. (This can be done in many different ways ie. recordings, videos, live performances)
  3. Utilize music educational resources, such as online tutorials, timed and interactive games, to help students develop their musical skills, and not just be a time waster.
  4. Use technology to assess student progress and provide personalized instruction. (Both in school and private lesson settings, sick days etc.)


Say Yes to Tech!

Technology is a powerful tool for enhancing music education if used wisely, and by utilizing it in the classroom or at home, teachers and parents can unlock the power of music in a creative way. So, don’t shy away from technology in music and by no means do you need to dive into it all! Dip your toes into an area that ignites excitement in your family and classroom and unlock the power of technology in music lessons in a fresh and creative way!

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