What's So Important About Music For Children?

Music is Foundational

Music is everywhere around us. Even the person who perhaps has no interest in music must realize it has likely been a huge part of their development as a child.

We hear music almost every day whether it is on the radio, in movies, in our houses of worship, in our different cultural celebrations and yes, even in our governmental ceremonies!


woman playing a guitar outside for a small group of children

So why are the foundations of music so essential for child development?

Let me give you just a few reasons why…

3 Ways Music is Essential for Child Development

  1. Intellect, motor skills, self expression, math and language skills are all proven outcomes of including music education in your child’s life.
  2. Music has the ability to improve and help our moods significantly. Music is known to soothe, calm and bring joy into the hearts of children and adults alike! When have you felt low or down and turned on some music? Or have needed ministering to your heart and spirit through worship songs? Services like a wedding, funeral or worship services include music all the time in order to give listeners a full and emotional experience.
  3. Even during the teenage years music is a huge part of bringing friendships together and often involve music as a focal point. Parents, remember the “bands” we used to form in those yesteryears?


Give Your Children the Gift of Music in Just 5 Minutes a Day

I believe music is not just about our children having high SAT scores or being a math whiz.  It is more about the development of a child as a whole and creating a beautiful person inside and out through music.

So you see, anyone can give their children a strong start by giving them the gift of music.

It is as easy as listening to a song together and asking them these questions:

  • what instruments do you hear?
  • what do you feel when you listen to this song?
  • can you imagine anything when you hear this song?

That’s it! 5 minutes a day is a great start.

If you need more ideas, my curriculum “PRELUDE: an Introduction to Music for Children” has 12 more ideas for you, ready to go when needed.

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