Prelude "Learn with Me" Video Lessons

PRELUDE "Learn with Me" Video Lessons

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Are you a busy homeschool mom who needs one less subject to facilitate?

A teacher or parent who doesn't feel confident leading their students or children through music appreciation lessons themselves?

Or maybe you are a substitute teacher looking for a fully prepared music lesson?

"Learn with Me" Video Lessons are for YOU! 


About "Learn with Me" Video Lessons:

Let us do the teaching, reading and facilitating of each lesson in our 'PRELUDE' curriculum in order to give you, the teacher or parent, a more “hands off” approach. 

Our 'PRELUDE' curriculum workbook and video lessons work hand in hand! All of the information and activities facilitated in the "Learn with Me" Video Lessons are directly from our 'PRELUDE' workbook. 

Click here to purchase the 'PRELUDE' workbook to accompany the video lessons!

 Facilitating your children's learning is simple:

  • Have the listed materials gathered at the beginning of each lesson for your child(ren).
  • Press or scan any links in the workbook to view music performances or supplemental videos when prompted to in the lesson video.

That’s it! Each lesson beautifully finishes off with Sonja reading a hand chosen story relating to the theme of the lesson.


PRELUDE: an Introduction to Music for Children, is a music curriculum for ages 4 to 12. Through 12 simple lessons, you and your children will experience a streamlined journey to discovering and exploring the sounds and music that surrounds you!

Each lesson in our 'PRELUDE' curriculum is educational and filled with creative ways to teach children about different musical themes including: The Orchestra, The Jazz Era, String Instruments, World Music and Singing just to name a few!

The 'PRELUDE' workbook is 42 pages in total, and includes 3 exclusive supplemental videos.

Accompanying each lesson is a craft or activity, as well as a handful of reading and listening suggestions. All suggestions are hand picked and pre-screened to correlate with the theme of the lesson.

Designed to be completed in 20-30 minutes, each lesson includes:

  • focused teaching on the topic
  • a hands on activity or craft
  • a selection of listening suggestions
  • a selection of reading suggestions

Each lesson in the curriculum offers an alternative activity for your Younger Learners (ages 4-8) and for Older Learners (ages 8-12.) so you can teach the whole family together!

What a blessing to be able to give our children a lifelong love and appreciation of music!

Lesson topics include:

  1. Rhythm

  2. Percussion Instruments

  3. The Voice

  4. The Orchestra

  5. String Instruments

  6. Brass Instruments

  7. Woodwind Family

  8. The Piano

  9. The Jazz Era

  10. Western World

  11. Music Around the World

  12. Concert Etiquette

Additional supplies needed:

Activities are designed to be done at home with regular household supplies. Once in a while, there may be additional supplies needed (for example, chocolate bars in Lesson 8.)

A listening platform and the use of the internet (mainly for YouTube video clips) is highly recommended! If you prefer to make the most use of your time, the Listening Suggestions can be played during the activity time. All suggestions can be found on YouTube or on your favourite listening platform.

About the PRELUDE workbook:

Click here to purchase the 'PRELUDE' workbook to accompany the video lessons!

 All the information and activities facilitated in the video lessons are directly from the workbook, therefore, having either a hard copy or digital copy of 'PRELUDE' is crucial.

Both the digital and physical 'PRELUDE' workbooks are easy to use  with simple instructions, a clear list of materials often found in your home to use in lessons, and an appendix of reproducible resources.

With our digital 'PRELUDE' workbook, you will be able to click links right from the file or use your phone’s camera to click on the QR codes when a prompt is given in the video and you’ll be linked directly to some inspiring performances. Print out the whole workbook on your own home printer, or just print out the resource pages as needed.

Purchase the hard copy 'PRELUDE' workbook along with the stand alone video lessons if you prefer to have a physical spiral bound copy of the curriculum. You'll be able to photocopy resources and use your phone's camera to click on the QR codes and be linked directly to some inspiring performances when a prompt is given in the video.

Please note: Once you have completed your purchase you will receive an email with a PDF detailing instructions for how to download the video lesson files. Digital products are final sale and are not eligible for return.  See refund policy here.