Learn the Trumpet!


The trumpet is an ideal instrument for those that can see themselves playing in a band or jazz band setting some day. The trumpet notation only includes one single line instead of two different staves (like the piano) so coordination isn't as much of an issue with this instrument.

Although loud, the trumpet is a very useful instrument and can be used to play as a soloist (think TAPS on Remembrance Day), in jazz band or concert band settings. They require some time to get used to the embouchure (a term used to describe how your lips and mouth play the mouthpiece of the instrument) but if your child is 10 years old and up and you see a future with a band program, then get a hold of a local teacher!



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As a professional musician, I have been blessed with opportunities to perform in countries around the world including Germany, Romania, and throughout the United States and Canada. Being able to use music as a ministry, both in mission settings and local church settings, is a dream come true.

I direct a private music studio of violin students, freelance as a professional violinist and am the conductor of The Pacific Mennonite Children's Choir in Abbotsford, Canada. Oh, and I run a music curriculum business on the side 😎

I am so lucky to be able to inspire children to love music themselves, whether that means performing, enjoying, or listening.


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