Step Into Strings: A 6 week Beginner Violin Course for children of all ages!

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Has your child always wanted to learn how to play the violin?

Are you worried you'll start formal lessons, only to discover that your child doesn't enjoy it? 


Step Into Strings is a six week, do-it-yourself course designed to “whet” your child’s appetite for the violin. 

The course will allow you to test out whether your child has the ability to dedicate themselves to the skills a violin player needs to succeed.

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Hi, I'm Sonja

I’m a mom of 4 children, a professional violinist and I have over 20 years of experience teaching the violin to all different ages. But do you want to know my favorite age? Children! I love the curiosity and excitement children bring to a lesson when they are first learning an instrument. It brings me the greatest joy!
Over the course of my professional career, I have studied and worked with multiple different violin methods. I am fully aware of the challenges a young child faces when they are learning the violin and have designed a 6 week course that I feel is the easiest to understand without the dry and tedious exercises some methods offer.
The violin isn’t an easy instrument, but there are ways to make it engaging, fun and inspiring for children, one exercise at a time.
So, are you and your child up for stepping into the wonderful world of strings for the first time?!
Get our new STEP INTO STRINGS violin course today!