two page spread of a children's homeschool curriculum about music featuring a lesson on the orchestra

"THE ORCHESTRA" from "PRELUDE: an Introduction to Music for Children" (Individual DIGITAL Lesson)

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Learn about the glorious Orchestra!

This easy open and go lesson is perfect for classrooms or home-school. No previous musical experience is necessary to facilitate these lessons.


All lessons are suitable for ages 4-12 years old and can be worked on together as a group or family. Accompanying the teaching time is the choice between two activities; one for young learners ages 4-8 years old and one for older learners ages 8-12 years old.

Included in each 30 minute lesson is a "Setting The Stage" section which introduces the children to what they are about to learn followed by a more informative teaching time called "Diving Deeper", and followed by a hands on "Activity Time."

Each lesson has book suggestions as well as listening suggestions that correspond with the theme of the lesson!

Within each lesson you will find the option of using a link or a QR code that links you directly to a short video or live performance featuring music by different composers and artists.

Each lesson gives you a list of materials needed at the beginning of the lesson which usually includes many household items that a classroom or house would already have.

One important note is that the use of a music platform such as Apple music, Spotify or YouTube is a must when facilitating these musical lessons!

Included in this lesson:

  • An opening game where students have to follow the 'conductor' and do exactly what he/she is doing.
  • An informative section about the orchestra and all the important roles that are played within it, including details about the Conductor and Concertmaster.
  • An inspiring video about the different instruments of the orchestra called 'George Meets The Orchestra.'
  • A comical clip of a conductor (Mr. Bean) who doesn't really know how to conduct a brass band :-)
  • Young learners will get to design and build their own orchestra out of Lego or Little People using a color-coded template.
  • Older learners will have a chance to look at a musical score for perhaps the first time! Through Beethoven's Symphony No. 5, children can highlight or learn how to identify different dynamic markings and get a feel for what a conductor would see when conducting an orchestra.
  • An extension option of taking a quick 360 degree tour inside of an orchestra.
  • Listening Suggestions - "Peter & the Wolf", "Beethoven's Symphony No. 5", "A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" and "Hungarian Dance No. 5."
  • Book Suggestions - "A Child's Introduction to the Orchestra", "First Book About The Orchestra", "Meet The Orchestra" and "Never Play Music Right Next To The Zoo."

My hope and desire with 'PRELUDE; an Introduction to Music for Children' is that through the stories, the activities, the music and the videos, children would be drawn into the fascinating world of music.

About digital lessons:

This digital lesson will help you, the teacher or parent, open up the world of music for your children with a profound sense of wonder and curiosity.

The digital PDF lesson is easy to use with simple instructions, a clear list of materials often found in your home to use in lessons, and reproducible resources to be printed directly from your screen.

You will be able to click links right from the file or use your phone’s camera to click on the QR codes and be linked directly to some inspiring performances. This copy can also be printed on your own home printer.

Digital files are uneditable and are delivered via email upon purchase. Digital products are final sale and are not eligible for return. See refund policy here.

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